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Our Mission

At AIDInc, our mission is to reduce poverty and mitigate the impacts of social and health problems on our communities through innovative capacity building and public-private sector programming approaches ​


+  We consistently apply high-quality, innovative and ‘sound’ evidence-informed implementation strategies in tackling health and social development problems in the Latin American & Caribbean (LAC) region and support translation of proven best practice models globally.

+  We ensure that our approaches  enable our clients, stakeholders and beneficiaries to move seamlessly from empowerment through knowledge acquisition, to application and action, to sustained problem solving in their real setting, to achieve cost-effective and sustained health improvement and poverty reduction outcomes.

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Our Core Values

+   We are committed to  developing creative, tailored strategies and approaches that embrace the unique and culturally diverse dynamics that often underlie multi-layered health and social problems in our client settings.


+  We are committed to fostering, transparent,  effective,  vertical and horizontal partnerships in all our programmes and projects, from  the grass roots and  from the  top down  - bringing  key actors together,  to be "Stronger  and Louder Together" in delivering the  most cost-effective solutions and sustainable outcomes.

+  We are committed to ensuring  that all our partnership approaches promote meaningful organisational input, ownership  and levels of accountability  that is sustained throughout the implementation phase. This means that our clients and beneficiaries  consistently  receive  high quality products.  


+  We are committed to developing and implementing sustainable solutions, not only through our problem solving capabilities but also through providing partnership building and roles clarification  strategies  between stakeholders at all levels, applied training and skills building  approaches in our stakeholder and beneficiary groups, to sustain their ability to  apply solutions in the field and transfer skills beyond the work period. 

+  We are committed to integrally involve youth and to mentor their involvement at leadership level across all aspects  of our projects and programmes

+  We are committed to working with stakeholders at all levels to ensure an integrated approach to policy and program development, surveillance, knowledge development and dissemination.

+  We are committed to ensuring a total quality management approach in our quality assurance processes and to remain responsive to the evolving needs of clients,  donors and beneficiaries during project service delivery.

+  We are committed to maintaining transparency,  trust and confidence at all levels of our operations and within internal and external staff relations, thus ensuring ethical business practice in our service delivery to our clients.

+  We are committed to maintaining  our  a multi-disciplinary  database of specialists consultants, technical teams and partner organisations specialising in  Social, Community and Youth Development,  Operational Research, Gender, Media, human rights and Advocacy, HIV/AIDS, Health Economics,  International Health, Project Management, Organisational Development, working closely to attain maximised impact.

+  We are committed to promoting skills-building and improving the professional capability of all employees, thereby promoting their overall personal development and well being

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