Who We Are

Committed to Excellence

AIDInc. is an international development research and consulting company founded in 2004, in the Caribbean by academic lecturers and specialist consultants, in close partnership with community actors and decision-makers. Our UK satellite unit was formed in 2008 with the focus on building strategic and funding partnerships between LAC operations, donors and global development organisations. Although we have recently restructured,  AIDInc was initially formed to fill an urgent need for comprehensive policy and health/social research and skills-building in the Caribbean region and to operate as a programme management unit for mobilising regional and international research and consultant teams, in delivering hands-on technical assistance, national and regional surveys, rapid reviews to inform policy issues and debates and manage implementation short medium and longer term programmes and projects.
We use our expertise in quantitative and qualitative techniques to identify, measure, monitor and evaluate problematic issues, system dynamics and outcomes across priority health and social development issues in the regions we target. We also develop and implement evidence-based policies, strategies and programmes solutions to alleviate identified issues and their impacts.


At AIDInc our mission is to reduce poverty and mitigate the impacts of social and health problems on our communities through innovative capacity building and public-private sector programming approaches. The organisation, after 10 years in operation, began to scale-down its operations towards the end of 2014 to reposition its business model and strategic approach, in response to a fast evolving international development landscape and market demands. Our decision to reposition was also fueled by the impending transition from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) towards the launch of the bold and transformative 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the newly emerging SDGs. AIDInc has since re-emerged in 2019 ,  with a new approach to making impact in its social empowerment, policy and programme development approaches. 


Our approach recognises that the fastest, most sustainable route to increasing socioeconomic impacts that are felt at all levels of the economic pyramid, downstream to the grass roots of the hardest to reach communities, are attained through increased job creation and business efficiency, growth performance of key sectors. Coupled with tailored social empowerment initiatives,  we believe that these are the key factors required  to promote sustained livelihoods and increase access to essential  goods and services for communities and households to thrive and reap economic gains, from generation to generation.  


Our value proposition lies in the fact that we are a boutique research and consulting organisation and establish long term partnerships with individual experts and with small and mid-sized businesses, academia and NGOs that are a lean and efficient in their operations. Together,  with the right strategic fit, balancing regional and international expertise, we position ourselves to make value-added and sustainable impacts, seamlessly embedding social, participatory, learning and partnership-building approaches  that ensure that once an intervention or project is completed, the knowledge, attitudes, structures and commitment to the goals remain behind, and ongoing actions are operational through well-informed networks and realistically achievable operational partnerships. 


Why we are better As a result of our low overheads we are flexible enough to adequately tailor and adapt our approaches and inputs and  respond to evolving and newly revealed needs of demand-driven or high-risk projects by bringing the best minds and experts to the table at all strategic and pivotal  points in the process. We believe that together this makes us stronger and better positioned to deliver exactly what our clients need ...plus more: We ensure that clients, through the ecosystems and networks we leave behind, can call on our individual experts through low cost individualized arrangements, for updated inputs or advise beyond our project phases. 

Innovative and Effective Partnerships

We are a small specialised unit that operates through long-standing partnerships with associate consultants and specialists in our focus areas. We build effective long-term  tripartite resources -sharing and action-taking partnerships with  public, private sector and community groups that foster sustainability of the outcomes we achieve.


 The key to our efficiency in implementation  is in our contained overheads, promotion of country ownership,  strengthened local NGO institutional capacities and not least, our wide-reaching resource-sharing  partnerships and networks during fact-finding and programme implementation;


We believe that local, organizational and community empowerment and mobilisation for change are key to  sustaining national and global heath & developmental goals and best practices. 

Our Core Focus

Since 2004 our Focus areas have included; 

  • Private Sector Mobilisation, engagement  and investments to Social and Health programmes

  • Community Development and Empowerment

  • Strategic Planning for National  Programmes

  • Youth Empowerment and Risk-Reduction

  • Human Rights, Media and Advocacy  action across a number of key focus areas:

    • Reducing stigma and discrimination towards vulnerable and marginalised populations

      • Prevention of trafficking 

      • Preventing Violence against Women and Girls 

      • Promoting Access to Services 

  • Ongoing Health and social Service Decision Support and Benchmarking 

  • Health Services Policy Analysis and Development

  • Health Service Financing strategies and Health Services Costing 

  • Health Economics-  Economic Evaluation of health technologies and programme outcomes 

  • Design and implementation of Community-Based and Led Operational Research for Programme Design and Evaluation

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of international development  programmes

  • Health and Social Services Software development and Technical Assistance.

Due to the wide-reaching nature of the skills and qualifications of associates and core staff, we apply our extensive knowledge-base and problem-solving expertise across a vast range of health and social issues that hold back country and regional development. 

We serve a diverse group of clients who we refer to as our core funding or implementing partners. These include National and  regional governments, international organizations, foundations, non-profit associations and institutions, and businesses.