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Our Purpose

AIDInc's purpose is to produce timely, realistic, and sustainable solutions to health and socially driven problems within communities, government programmes and industry operations around the Caribbean, Latin America, and worldwide, thereby contributing effectively to poverty reduction and promotion of sustained livelihoods.

Through the AIDInc - HIV Alliance DFID-funded private sector partnership project in 2006 to 2009, the first ever collective Private Sector CSR Focused Pledge  to share resources in support of HIV prevention and mitigation in vulnerable communities in the region was delivered; 

Photo: Leaders in the  Caribbean Tourism Industry pledge their commitment to the DFID Private Sector Project 

From left to right: Roseann Myers – Project Ambassador and general manager of the Atlantis Submarines, Barbados; Malcolm McNeil – Senior Health Policy Advisor, DFID; Sir Peter Odle—Project Ambassador & President Caribbean Hotels Association & CEO, Mango Bay Hotel; Ms. Susan Springer  - Project Patron & President of the Barbados Hotels Association; Horace Peterkin – Project Ambassador & CEO/General Manager – Sandals , Montego Bay, Jamaica 


With creative and  innovative socially motivated businesses, organisations and associates to share vision, resources and skills, resulting in supportive ecosystems that sustain the outcomes of the community  and health development ventures we jointly implement   


Is on empowerment and learning through knowledge acquisition,  action, effective decision-support, and implementing novel, targeted cost-effective strategies for the alleviation of health and social problems at all levels of society

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