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Data Management and Research

“The difference for most, between a saved life and a sustained life, is the move beyond access to life - saving medicines …to cost-effective community-led strategies"


Data Management and Analysis

AIDInc. supports public health researchers, private sector businesses, policymakers and planners in their decision making processes through statistical programming, data analysis, database development and maintenance, survey support, health information system implementation, acquisition and development.

Core staff and local associates hold qualifications and training in statistics, epidemiology, computer science, computer modelling, computer science, economics, health economics, health services management, psychology, laboratory sciences, medicine and other related social and scientific areas


Staff at AIDInc have played a key role in the rolling out of the national sexual health information programme (SHIP) in Barbados. Training of staff across various health centres in the use of SHIP was one of the primary activities following system implementation. Strategies included demonstrating the importance of HIS for generating reports which are fed into service planning and highlighting how the monitoring of services at all levels could have a direct impact on service provision at the level of the client as well as at the provider level in terms of staffing complements, resources, etc. Out of this project emerged the key finding that change management and organizational behaviour strategies need to be consistently incorporated into all Information systems implementation during the first year of roll-out, if user buy-in and utilisation of the system is to be sustained and effective in long-term decision making.

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