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Current Staff Vacancies

To apply for any of the roles listed please send a copy of your  detailed CV to Pearl Manning at 

There are no staff vacancies at this time 

Registering for Consulting Work 

We welcome CVs from potential consultants, contractors and short and long term researchers in all fields that are relevant  heath and social development, and economic empowerment . To Register with us please fill in the form below, in full, and send a copy of your detailed CV to Pearl Manning at

Please make sure that your CV includes:

Permanent contact address (and current details, if different),

Email address and telephone/fax numbers;

Your full date of birth;

Your qualifications; and

Your professional and consultancy experience, with most recent first.

Please indicate country, donor/employer, dates, your role and a brief description of the your responsibilities.

Your expected daily fee rate; 

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