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Tackling Gender Based Violence in Venezuelan Migrant communities & increasing Access to Services

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

The National Coordinating Coalition (NCC) of Guyana has been awarded IADB's innovation grant: Better Together Challenge. AIDInc launches its 2021 restructured approach with support to its long standing in-country partner

Source: NCC Guyana

NCC is an exemplary NGO, currently transitioning to a more sustainable social enterprise model. AIDInc and responsible business development start-up, MarketWorks Global (MWG) are partnering with NCC in an institutional strengthening capacity to deliver hands-off hands-on applied technical skills-building, leadership and transition mentoring. Over the past 10 years NCC has engaged in medium-term development action, increasingly attaining leadership roles in donor and grant funded projects. A key driver to growth has been inputs of long unpaid hours by staff and volunteered technical support in proposal development for the sourcing and development of a steady pipeline of funded projects that enable the retention of technical and management skills, and know-how, when in the past, as with many value-adding NGOs in the region, after the close-off of medium-term projects, they're usually unable to retain staff due to lack of consistent access to funds. AIDInc are proud to have partnered with NCC on ground-breaking donor funded projects, intermittently for over a decade. The resourcefulness and dedication of NCC staff and its volunteers drives the organisation's cost-effective and value-adding approach that never fails to deliver.

NCC has been awarded the Inter American Development Bank's (IADB's) innovation grant: Better Together Challenge. The Grant will enable the organisation to leverage its robust experience and networks with vulnerable groups and displaced communities to strengthen these networks and design and deliver sustainable services to mitigate gender-based violence (GBV) in migrant Venezuelan women and vulnerable women in the host communities, including dependent women at risk of being victim of gender based violence(GBV) - domestic abuse, rape, sex and labour trafficking and less visible abuse. NCC will use its existing networks and reach to promote a multi stakeholder-led GBV evidence-informed response network, support access to further funding for sustainability and to open avenues for skills development and economic empowerment of the target groups. AIDInc, in keeping with its restructured approach, is mentoring and technically supporting the development in the back-end of cross-cutting elements such as monitoring & evaluation (M&E), research and learning, and resource management and futures planning, therefore, ensuring NCC's tangible and meaningful leadership in designing and delivering the required proposal outputs. This is not the first of NCC's successes: After a slow start, building upon successful execution of short-term projects, NCC is accelerating their leadership inputs to medium-term donor funded projects, successfully accessing funds and delivering exemplary execution of fiduciary responsibilities, and targeted outcomes and impacts.

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